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My Dog Family

This page provides a short summary hyperlinks to the individual pages of 'my' dogs whether current, deceased or ex- residents at Starridge.

Current Dogs

Ch Starridge Sumtons Mtarni

Mtarni was yet again a girl I didn't intend to keep being third pick of the litter and was originally sold to a family whose RR decided that he didn't want her around. Tarni came back to me for rehoming just in time for second vaccinations at 12 weeks. Her sister Kela (Am Ch Starridge Kela O Pupukea HIC) was waiting to head off to Hawaii and although both had had their second vaccinations nevertheless Kela came down with Parvo subsequently infecting Tarni. On being injected with a drug used successfully on Kela to bolster her immune system Tarni went into anaphylactic shock and died in my arms. Heroic efforts by the vet got her heart restarted but after all that and surviving parvo I decided that she didn't deserve to be shuffled off to another new home - and I am very happy to have made that decision! 
This delightful girl with her 'butter wouldn't melt in my mouth' expression is a  multi class in group and class in show winner also taking multiple Best Ridge awards. Her first (and last) litter were the most beautiful bunch of babies and Mtarni, as expected, was a loving playful Mum. Unfortunately the litter was struck down with neospora caninum. Thankfully, and against veterinary expectation, all the pups survived and are leading normal lives with one achieving Grand Champion status. However, I couldn't risk breeding Tarns again as she may still be carrying the parasite. Mtarni has always preferred to be at home cadging food - she occasionally startles visitors as she firmly believes that visitors mean treats and she will guide them to the treat cupboard but if they don't take the hint let out a bark to remind them of their responsibility.

Starridge SVGGRB AI

Arbee is a gorgeous hunk of a boy who lives up to the standard requirement for 'straight, strong and well boned' forelegs but unfortunately due to the affects of neospora he hocks in monstrously in the rear compensating for muscle and ligament damage. Doesn't stop him racing around like a lunatic with Mum Mtarni though and since according to most of the textbooks he should either be paralysed or not with us at all, I'm happy to forgive the not so attractive rear :-). Arbee is primarily my 'houseboy' but he has done some showing for socialisation purposes. He loves going anywhere with me in the car and is so sweetly natured that he is a pleasure to have on the end of lead. Despite his obvious drawback Arbee has nevertheless managed to pick up a Minor in Group and a very creditable Res CC against some of Qld's best RRs.
His glorious head, bone and especially temperament will hopefully be passed on as the neospora damage may keep him from winning in the ring as an adult but not from stud work in the future and he has already sired two very promising litters (from natural matings). He is currently educating Kea on how to be wicked! Arbee is the WORST thief I've ever encountered and now that Summer has shown him how to open the fridge - Arbee is a bigger boy than ever before ;-)

Ch Pupukea Ridge Kealohi (Imp USA)

Kea is out of Mtarni's sister Kela (Am Ch Starridge Kela O Pupukea HIC) and the spectacular Ikaika (MBIS/MBISS, Current points record holder for US RRs, Nr 1 RR in the US 2007 & 2008, Am Gr Ch Pupukearidge Ikaika O Sprngvly HIC ROM). She arrived in Australia in November 2008 thanks to all the efforts of Tom and Barbara Peach (Pupukea Ridge) and vast amounts of worrying on my side of the pond! Kea is absolutely a delight - fun loving, affectionate, sweet - she fitted into the family like she had been born here.  Kea's progeny are known for their sweet natures and quirky personalities much like her own. Kea is the 'healer' in the family who always wants to lick your wounds, which is really sweet, even though she is usually the one who has inflicted due to irrepressible exuberance. A greeting from Kea will often in result in bloodshed especially her favourite person Peter Cattach appears. Kea believes in the full body hug and on occasion I have had to explain that she can't get into my skin with me but that doesn't stop her from trying.

Starridge Dragons Gold

Star is a Kea x Q (Ch Starridge Point Taken AI) daughter who is undoubtedly the most destructive I've ever owned - thankfully after a remote control, a phone or two, too many shoes to count, a leather lounge, and a queen size bed she seems to have finally learnt what is hers and what is mine. Well almost, she does consider Isabella to be hers and gets very protective of her at shows. At home she is anything but protective and loves rough, noisy play. She is most definitely a home body at heart - while she tolerates showing for the treats it brings she'd rather be homing racing around the backyard, wrestling with Isabella or her mother, or sleeping pressed against my side. My velcro dog when I'm around Star still believes that the best place to be is sitting with Mum on the lounge chair - to say we don't really fit would be an understatement but she always jumps up for some loving and a cuddle until the discomfort moves her off to the couch. Star has picked up some lovely awards - Jnr in Show, Best Headed Bitch, Intermediate in Show etc but she needs to stretch her long legs out and my short stubby ones don't really do the trick so she has done her best winning with someone else on the end of her lead. Half-way to her title she is retiring for her first litter to her great grandfather Gr Ch Starridge African Knight ET ROM and hopefully lots of lovely Star bubbies.  

Starridge Definitely A Keaper AI

Isabella - Is, Issy, Isabella Wella is a Kea x Cooper (Ch Kushika Garrison Savannah) daughter who is very much the 'throwback' of the litter - she reminds me so much of her grandmother/great grandmother Chilpep. While Kea and Star were both shoe destroyers, Isabella like Chilpep steals shoes but never chews them. She does suck on them though, and slipping a foot into a sucked-on show is not a pleasant experience! Isabella has been a nightmare to housetrain but she makes up for it by being my first girl since Cassie to really love being in the showring. She has already been awarded Best Baby in Show (All Breeds and Specialty) and picked up 4 Baby in Group awards. A lovely strong, purposeful mover even as a baby with wonderful bone and presence I'm hoping that Star doesn't convince her that being home is better than being at shows. She and Star are very different in many respects especially where food is concerned. Star wolfs down her food in the vacuum cleaner style of many Ridgebacks while Isabella chews every mouthful and takes her time enjoying her munchies. Thankfully her show attitude doesn't relie on baiting! I am looking forward to having a lot of fun with Isabella both at home and in the ring.  

Always Remembered

was a miracle who entered my life to be a pet that did a bit of obedience. Whatever my thoughts on the matter might have been at the time Ko was destined to be so much more!  Attaining multi Best in Show (Specialty), Runner Up Best in Show (All Breeds with entry >1000), RUBISS & RUBIS (Hound Club), multi class In-Show (Specialty and All Breeds), multi Best in Group, multi Runner Up Best In Group,  multi class In-Group and mega multi Best of Breed winner as well as obedience titled (Companion Dog), Field Champion (QLCA) and Register of Merit (RRCI) awarded. He was Australia's first Grand Champion and is still, some years after his death, Australia's most successful sire with 30 champions to his credit and still more to come - four of these are themselves Grand Champions - BIS Gr Ch Elangeni Elvis, BIS/BISS Gr Ch Bearstar Doulen Ko ET, BIS/RUBISS Gr Ch Riginal Lightnin Jack ET and Gr Ch Starridge Cawzfor Aplawz. 
His nobility and dignity combined with his devotion and capacity to love is irreplaceable. His name itself tells many of his stories! Ko = 'revolution' (I Ching); 'elder brother' (Chinese); 'knockout' (jargon); and 'is there' (Swahili).
Missing you so much Mister Ko - love you always and forever.

BIS/RUBIS Gr Ch Bearstar Chilean Willow ROM
Chilli is the foundation of Starridge. She is Australia's only multiple Best in Show (All Breeds) winning bitch and has topped that off with a Grand Champion and earning a Register of Merit. She came to me purely on chance when her (and Ko's) breeder Sioux Ryan wanted to mate them but wasn't in a position to do so. Although never interested in breeding this was an opportunity to good to pass up and so Chill Will came to live with me for a year and is the mother of my first homebred champion. Although I was reluctant to do so I honoured my agreement with Sioux and returned Chill to her where she went on to produce another two litters with Ko under the Bearstar prefix.  She  produced spectacular puppies with 10 champion progeny. Her son Gr Ch Bearstar Doulen Ko ET achieved multiple BEST IN SHOW awards at both Specialty and All Breeds and his sister multi BISS and multi puppy BIS SV-97 NV-98 FINV-98, -99 Sw/Nor/Fin/Int/Nord Ch Bearstar Diamond Willow (Demi) has twice been Sweden's #1 bitch following that up with being Sweden's #1 RR. 
Chilli was a wonderful showgirl and mother but more importantly was a sweetheart who loved easily and well. She passed on her fabulous temperament and quality to her progeny - sadly and ever missed.

Ch Starridge Litl Sunshine ROM
Chilpep was the result of the mating of Mr Ko and Chilli and gained her title at 16 months of age having been awarded multiple class In-Groups and In-Show along the way. Fate certainly stepped in and took a hand here as I had actually chosen another girl from the litter to keep. Chilpep was ranked 3rd in the litter due to a shorter ridge than the other two girls in front of her in the rankings. At the time I was overruled by my mother and of course it is now impossible to even imagine Chilpep not having been around!
Chilpep was always a snuggly cuddler who much preferred being home with her babies to running around a showring. Somewhat spoiled she gained the nickname 'fat little toad' - an affectionate name that stuck even when she actually lost some weight :-)
She was the only one of my dogs who had no interest in lure coursing but was a great bird hunter snatching them out of the sky if they dared swoop too low. She would even climb trees to 'sneak up' on her feathered adversaries.
From her first litter Chilpep proved her worth as a brood bitch with three of the pups titled and highlights of Best in Show, Best in Specialty Show, Field Champion, Top RR in Australia 2000 (OzDog/Pal) and Top Hound in Qld. Two more litters saw Chilpep producing another four champions (and adding RUBIS progeny to the credits).
 My delightful, quirky, loving Chilpep left me a month short of her 14th birthday. I will always celebrate having had her as the centre and soul of Starridge for so long. Never forgotten - always loved, om shanti my Chilpep Pup.

Ch Umkimzulu Indian Summer A.I. ROM
Summer is a half sister to Chilpep through her dam Gr Ch Bearstar Chilean Willow ROM. Much like Chilpep Summer was an unintended addition to Starridge. Chilli had been leased by Sarah Baker (Umkimzulu) who requested the use of semen from Isak (Sw/Fn Ch Djungelkattens Imbue Ridged Isak) that I had imported. The stud fee unexpectedly turned out to be Summer.  Nicknamed 'Dim Sum' as a youngster Summer was an airhead full of life and fun but with the attention span of a gnat LOL. Thankfully her nickname has changed over time and so has her attention span. More commonly called SumSum now she has developed into a regal sometimes aloof but still funloving girl (in other words she firmly believes she is a princess and should be treated as such unless she is in the mood for a wild romp). She is a night owl who likes nothing better than to go for a dip in the pool at midnight and then come back to bed to get dry by rubbing herself against me. She steals shoes, soap, knives or whatever else comes to hand so that you will reward their return with a 'bickie'.
Summer has produced twelve champions including amongst them a Grand Champion, Canadian,  American and Malaysian champions. Summer  is very choosy about her friends but once admitted into her select circle she shows her love gently but very thoroughly. Losing Summer just shy of her 15th birthday was devastating she was such a special girl and so much the heart of the family who seemed like she would go on forever - but none do and so heartbroken I miss her now and more every day.
Ch Starridge Cawt Ya Lookin
Cassie was Summer's daughter and certainly took after her in the wild romp department although considerably less so as far as regal goes. Her idea of greeting a friend was to literally throw herself at them to get their attention and many visitors left with bruises from her exuberant welcomes! A mad keen hunter who thankfully rarely managed to catch anything Cass loved to run and her hunting call was unique somewhere between baying and a cat being strangled!
She, like many of her progeny, was a 'talker' who would tell you all about her day and anything else of importance at great length. Such a pity I couldn't speak 'Cass'!
made her debut into the showring with a Baby Puppy in-Group award and won in-Group awards in most age groups but had a hard time of it being attacked on three separate occasions around the ring while still a youngster and losing her confidence. Thankfully with the help of many friends she did regain a calm dignified show presence although never the exuberant enjoyment of those very early show days.
Cass was a wonderful mum who nurtured her babies and passed on her lovely quirky nature. She was never a girl to put herself forward or make demands - sweet, loving, special. I am still devastated with her loss.
Ch Starridge Sumton Special
Zarina was Mtarni's litter sister and shared a home with the Owen family and mate Oscar.  While I showed her to her title and kicking off with her first Best of Breed from the Puppy Class under breed specialist Toni Comerford (Ridgesetter) also taking her class in group, Zarina much preferred to be a stay-at-home. While taking some big challenges it was always a 'will she or won't she' day at the ring with Weenie. When she was determined not to move in the ring she drove me crazy but then she was only occasionally shown so I was just as determined to keep waiting for those diamond days when Weenie turned it on and grabbed everyone's attention.  In attitude Zarina was so much like her Mum Summer that it is almost scary! At shows she fiercely protected her pen from strange dogs but happily shared a pen sleeping with Oscar or her son Dude. At times she had to be dragged from the pen at home or she would spend all day sleeping in it! When she decided it was time for a romp though you wouldn't believe it was the same girl and she delighted in playing with her babies teaching them the rights and wrongs of being a loving sweet Ridgie. Zarina produced two champions - Jude and Makani.
Ch Bearstar Chilean Copper
Copper was yet another unintended addition to the Starridge family. A younger brother to both Chilpep and Jemma bred by Sioux Ryan who was by that time finding it difficult to show due to marital and health problems. There had been enquiries about purchasing Copper from England and Japan and Sioux asked that I become a partner and commence his showing campaign while she determined his eventual placement. Prior to joining the Starridge family in 1997 Copper suffered a white-tail spider bite that was to have devastating consequences on his health.  Copper had started his career in fine form with a Baby Puppy in Show under Sue Campbell (Nyassa RRs) at the 1997 Victorian Specialty. He continued his winning ways here in Queensland not only in the ring where he achieved Best in Group, R/Up Best in Group, multiple class In Group and Junior In Show wins but also with family and friends to whom he was a teddy bear who loved to be hugged and cuddled - a real sweetie who to my eternal sorrow died in October 1998.  I miss my sweet boy each and every day and pray that his spirit will shine everlasting through every Starridge puppy.
Outspanner Bufalo Gal CD
Sharka was my first pedigree dog. At the time I desired those papers as it was not possible in Qld to obedience title an unregistered dog. Her breeder had intended to have her put down down due to faulty ridge, kinked tail and poorly sized and shaped ears and sold her to me only on the understanding that I would not tell anyone where she had been purchased. Funnily enough that breeder changed her tune when Sharka was awarded the singular honour of being Australia's only Ridgeback to ever win a National (All Breeds) obedience trial taking out the Novice Bitch award in 1992. She taught me so very very much about obedience work and especially about working with a fearful dog as she was attacked by a bull terrier at obedience training and never fully recovered from the incident.  Although previous to the attack she had loved going down the park to play with other dogs she became timid almost to the point of fear aggression.  With a lot of work Sharka did manage nevertheless to gain her CD title and with her love of retrieving we started and gained legs towards her CDX but those legs were only gained when there were no other dogs working off-leash in the next ring and it became so stressful for her that I pulled her out of trialling. One very Sharka memory is of a night at obedience when I was training the Beginner's class. I had Ko with me on the paddock as 'demo dog' and had left Sharka in the car - with many questions from the attendees it was a late night and when I got back to the car she had chewed through 6 seatbelts leaving only the driver's belt intact - certainly got her point across :-) Love you baby.
While still at school I had met a Ridgeback - a pet who had come to Australia with his family when they migrated from South Africa. I couldn't wait to finally be out working full time and with the first paycheck came my very first Ridgeback. Zuki was purchased from a newspaper ad in 1979. She was a wonderful introduction to the breed and made a special place for herself in the heart of everyone who met her.  As a teacher at the time on the Darling Downs I lived in a farmhouse and Zuki had acre upon acre as her playground - she used to take off at night and travel the 20km or so to visit my boyfriend of the time but would always be safely home sleeping at my side when I awoke. She used to herd in our next door neighbour's cattle for milking and he considered her the best working dog he'd ever seen. When I moved back to Brisbane I had to curtail her wandering spirit as she started to bring back 'treasures' - other people's shoes and mats. When I moved to Cairns she and her mate the Springer Spaniel Jackson loved to swim together - well actually Jackson did most of the swimming while Zuki barked at him to get out of that dangerous stuff! Definitely not a water lover was my Zuke. She was the one though who ran to protect me from a black snake and who woke the house with her barking when thieves robbed the back shed.  So many happy memories with my girl  - I know she will be waiting patiently for me at the Rainbow Bridge and I so look forward to seeing her again and getting a very special sloppy Zuki tongue bath.

Ch Bearstar Silver Willow ET
Jemma was a younger sister to Chilpep and joined the Starridge mob at just on 12 months of age as a result of a marriage break-up. Although a multi in-Group and in-Show winner Jemma was primarily a mad keen lure courser (Best In Field winner) who belied her sweet, gentle nature when chasing that dastardly white plastic bag. Jemma was so affectionate with her family, whether two- or four- legged that Shane and Kerrie Lambley (Kenjala) asked to lease her from me and the rest as they say is 'history'. After seven glorious years with them she slipped away in her sleep with Shane, the love of her life, beside her and surrounded by the family she adored. JemJems will always be remembered for her incredible enthusiasm at lure coursing her complete lack of enthusiasm at showing and her amazing capacity to give love whether in the form of the overall tongue baths or her joyous 'conversations'.

Ch Riginal Rindurr Downunda
Oz is a half sister to Chilpep through her sire Mister Ko. Again fate stepped in here as Oz was never intended to be a Starridge girl. She was 'purchased' by a Canadian who wanted her to be titled and to have passed her hips before moving to her new home. As Dale at Riginal was already keeping a girl from the litter this was somewhat problematic so Oz moved in with me. The 'purchase' fell through even though Oz easily met all requirements. Oz titled quickly taking multi class in-group wins and showed great promise as a spectacular courser. She was certainly speedy when it came to chasing her 'family' around as although at the time she was the youngest and the shortest, she was the fastest of the lot! Unfortunately Oz was always a dominant girl who continually challenged Chilpep for leadership of the pack. Oz was mated to her nephew Ch Starridge Rohans Pride resulting in a lovely litter with pups from the litter having been awarded Baby in Show (All Breeds) and Baby in Show (Specialty). The large and difficult litter took its toll though and with the challenges to Chilpep becoming increasingly worse I made the difficult decision to rehome her. Oz moved into her new home in Tasmania and although sorely missed here at Starridge (by me at least), she thoroughly enjoying being the sole centre of attraction and treated like the 'Princess'.  Oz moved onto the bridge at the grand age of 15 and was the family's first dog and their last - Oz was irreplaceable.